Room Control

Room Control
Room Control is a remote control with room thermostat which provides thermal comfort in rooms due to digital communication through the R.Control and S.Control regulators.

For users, Room Control means a modern design (large graphical display and intuitive TOUCH & PLAY control system); the applied modern functions have been filed for patent right registration.
Room Control enables:

  • controlling the temperature in an easy and effective way (in 3 independent rooms),
  • setting up a temperature schedule (day and night),
  • regulating and previewing basic boiler functions,
  • selecting different working modes,
  • sending alarm signals,
  • displaying fuel level.

One of the greatest benefits of using the ecoSTERa solution is comfortable control of the boiler functions without leaving the room.


  • Adjusted to regulator
  • Thermostat
  • Different temperatures different rooms
  • Fuel level